You Can Learn To Play A Guitar

A person can learn how to play a guitar without a whole lot of extra stuff. There are gadgets and a lot of bells and whistles you can purchase if you choose but the only thing that is a must have is a guitar. Even this does not have to be one of the expensive models.

There has been a lot of great music played on not so great guitars over the years. The important thing is the guitar you choose be in decent shape. The first item you need to check is the action of your guitar. The action is a term that guitar players use to refer to how high the strings are.

The action on your guitar needs to be set at a reasonable level. This is most important because if the action is too high the guitar will be hard to play and if it is too low the strings will buzz. The guitar should note even all the way down the neck.

Another important thing to check is to make sure the intonation is ok. To check this play the smallest string open then play it again at the 12th fret. The notes should be in tune with each other. If there is a big difference in the notes the guitar has some possible major problems.

When you are picking out your first guitar it makes little difference in brand name or whether the guitar is a classical or steel string guitar. The notes are the same so get the best guitar you can afford without getting crazy. Learning to play a guitar brings a new set of problems you have most likely not experienced before. You will find muscles cramping and sore fingers coming along after you have played for a little while.

You are using muscles normally used for other things so it takes a little time to condition these muscles to work with you. As you play you will start to get calluses on the tips of your fingers. As you push down the strings this hard buildup on your fingers will help you out a lot. A person starting out on his guitar playing may find his fingers bleeding until the calluses build up. To be successful in learning to play a guitar you will need to practice every day.

Mastering this wonderful instrument takes a lot of time and energy. Practice until the slow clumsy movements become second nature. This is when you will discover the true rewards of playing the guitar.

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