Making Love with Words Learning Spicy Spanish for Your Latin Lover

Are you dating a Latino or Latina? If so, you probably know what it's like to feel a shiver race down your spine whenever they whisper something to you in Spanish during your intimate moments. Would you like to give it back at them? You don't need to speak fluent Spanish. Learn to ignite the fire of your lover with some sexy and romantic phrases in their own language. Heck, you can even turn on lovers who don't even speak Spanish with a few well timed passionate phrases. Here are a few ways to use this hot, sexy language to your advantage.

Learn a Few Phrases The first step is to learn some sexy or romantic Spanish words and phrases. Here are a few to start you off. My love. Mi amor. (mee ah-mohr.

) I've never felt this way before. Nunca me he sentido así. (noon-kah meh eh sehn-tee-doh ah-sEE.) I've been thinking about you. He estado pensando en ti.

(eh ehs-tah-doh pehn-sahn-doh ehn tee.) I can't live without you. No puedo vivir sin ti. (noh pweh-doh vee-veer seen tee.

) I want you. Te deseo. (teh deh-seh-oh.) I love you.

Te amo. (teh ah-moh.) Kiss me. Bésame. (bEH-sah-meh.

) Make love to me. Hazme el amor. (ahs-meh ehl ah-mohr.) Pronunciation and Accent Knowing the words and phrases is a good start.

But they will be most effective if you say them the right way. Before you attempt to melt your lover with words, practice. Number one, pronounce the word correctly. If you know someone who speaks the language, ask them to demonstrate the word or phrase for you. If you don't know someone who speaks Spanish, find a book or website that "spells out" each word phonetically.

Also, really try to understand what each word in a phrase means. Actually knowing what you are saying when you say it, and actually meaning it, will put more power behind the words. After you have gotten the pronunciation down, practice saying the word or phrase over and over again. Do it whenever you are alone and have a free moment, like when you are riding in the elevator, putting gas in the car, washing dishes, and so on.

You want to practice so much that, eventually, the words roll effortlessly off your tongue. Spanish is one of the sexiest languages around. By speaking some hot and romantic Spanish you can be on the road to mastering making love with words.

Jsson Vachon lived in Latin America and is the author of Hook Up Spanish, a guide to hooking up, dating and romance in Spanish. For a free mini-phrase guide to these subjects click the following link

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