Quintessential Garter Belt and Panty Combinations that Create the Ultimate Sizzle

While the garter belt is one of the most functional items in your lingerie collection, today this undergarment made from an elastic cloth worn around the waist to with garters are attached to hold up stockings are being used by many women to add the finishing touch for those extra special occasions. Garters, braces and suspenders all serve the same purpose; but neither braces or suspenders can match the sex appeal of a garter belt holding up silk stockings with a matching pair of panties. Today many women have re-discovered the sex appeal of wearing stockings instead of pantyhose. Seamed stockings in particular because of their design, accentuate the curvature of a woman's legs and ankles, creating a stunning presentation when combined with 4 inch heels. In the heyday of corsets and garter belts, the entire act of getting dressed took on an erotic aura. Corsets with their back lacing to cinch the waist are now being used in conjunction with garter belts, panties and stockings to add potency to the mystery of romance and the art of seduction.

This type of lingerie encourages foreplay by virtue of their design; stockings and garter belt styles turn the simple act of disrobing into sensual eye candy for your and your lover. Creating a striptease is effortless with the choices you have today in fine lingerie. You can give your love life a renewed spark each and every time your lover begins to pursue the path to your hidden charms.

With the details of every item finely designed to enhance your curves, you can create a seductive vision that will be impossible to resist. Match your garter belt with one of the various panty styles created with one thing in mind; easy access through buttons, bows or ribbons and you have the makings of a memorable love session. The garter belt and panty has long been the objects of sexual fantasy, and the designs you will find today, go far beyond functionality to pure indulgence in fabrics such as velvet, silk, lace and leather. Try a hip hugging design that gives you tummy control or as g-string and thong styles that leave nothing to the imagination. Tempt your lover with a panty that laces up on either side with satin ribbons or allows them to explore you through a lacy open crotch, which ever you use, they are sure to give your sexuality a boost.

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