Piano Playing For Adults More Fun Than Sex And Not Nearly As Dangerous

OK, so I lied about the fun part. Maybe piano playing is the just 2nd most fun thing adults can do. But 2nd place isn't bad when you consider the popularity of the competition. But there is no question at all that it is MUCH safer than sex. How so? 感iano playing has no threat of easily transmitted diseases, unless of course you lick the keys. Most adults do not indulge in this practice.

Maybe a little slobber, but no licking. 愁o date, piano playing is not known to cause pregnancy. So if you want less kids, take up the piano.

感iano playing does not lead to jealousy, rage, spousal abuse, or murder. No love triangles here; there are plenty of notes and songs to go around. Take your choice between classical, country, jazz, rock, pop, new-age, and a zillion other styles from around the world. 感iano playing is generally not done in fast cars leading to accidents.

慎ery few pianists talk on their cell phones while playing the piano with both hands. 感iano playing is generally not done under the influence of foreign substances. Very few piano players sniff glue or inhale helium. But the few adults that do play under the influence find that falling off the piano bench is really not that big a deal. 感iano playing does not often lead to 911 calls or other forms of emergency action.

OK. So piano playing is safer than sex. What about the fun part? 感laying the piano in a social setting is a great way to make friends and create bonds as you sing around the piano with others. Social and happy people are always popular.

Whether it is a church or at the club or wherever, piano players who can play while people sing are always in demand and popular. 感iano playing gals and guys can create their own music in their own way. They can create moods that excite, moods that empower, and moods that heal and sooth. No one needs to be "tied to the written music" when they can use chords to improvise in their favorite genre. 感iano playing is a great relaxation tool after a stressful day at work or at school. Many professional people such as medical doctors & technicians relax after work by playing Beethoven, Brubeck, or the Beatles on the piano.

I personally know several doctors who not only play for their own enjoyment, but also take part in weekend jam-sessions at local pubs & resturants. 感iano playing is no-cost therapy: anger can be taken out not at a boss or a teacher, but by pounding the keys. Saves thousands in psychotherapy costs, and keys are relatively cheap to replace compared to months or years with a psychiatrist. As the old bromide goes: "Music hath charms to soothe the savage beast.

" (A note to wives: If it works on savage beasts, you ought to at least try it on your husband.) 嫂nd hey; everybody knows that the right kind of music leads to romance, so maybe I wasn't lying when I said it was more fun than sex!.

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