If You Wonder How Do I Become an Elementary School Art Teacher

How do I become an elementary school art teacher could be the question you are asking if you have decided that your love for art and children is enough for you to pursue this career. You should already know that the basic foundations an elementary education teacher lays within her students lie in the social and academic areas. As you want to add art to the mix, there will be more you need to do to prepare yourself best.

In this article we will explain to you what you need to do in order to teach elementary school children everything they need to know about art. Initially in order for you to become an elementary school teacher you will need to have some kind of formal education. Generally a master's degree is useful. Also you will need to have obtained the correct licenses and certificates for teaching in accordance with the state where you will be doing the teaching. In addition to the basic elementary teacher requirements, an elementary art teacher may just find it's good sense to get one of the following degrees as well.

It could be any good arts degree available such as a bachelor's degree in fine arts, visual arts or even studio arts. You may just want to check with the state where you plan to teach and see if they require a specific arts degree. In your search for the school from which to receive your formal art education, take the following things into consideration. Start with seeing if any of your potential instructors have worked in the same area you are endeavoring to enter - elementary school.

This will be a big bonus. If it's at all possible, get to know these potential instructors and even sit in on some of their classes. Next check out what type of support this school provides to their graduating students for finding a job.

Inquire as to whether or not they have a department, or possibly some counselors, that will help you with your search in finding a job after graduation. And be sure to find out what they charge to help you with finding a job, if they provide the service. If you can, try to find students who have already graduated from the school to give you the inside scoop. Learn what you can about their courses, the teachers and the former student's experiences with their job placement service if this is provided and was used. But as well as having your degree it is also important that you have a love for art as well. Through your degree and love of the subject you will be able to guide your students more effectively when the lessons are taking place.

Helping to guide elementary school students in learning about art and hopefully even nurturing a life-long love of and interest in art should be your number one point to consider. Then once you obtain your degrees, certifications and licenses, you will be on your way. We hope these above factors in our article have helped you to discover how do I become an elementary school art teacher.

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