How We Formed The Crazy Train Ozzy Osbourne Tribute Band

This is the story of how Crazy Train, the Ozzy Osbourne Tribute Band, was born. The struggles and sacrifices, the ups and downs, on a long hard road to becoming an Ozzy Osbourne Tribute Band. And believe me it wasn't easy.

Hi, my name is Eddie Janes. I have played in numerous bands and a bass player and vocalist. Bands like Banshe, X/cyter, and Riff Raff, just to name a few. And I always got comments on how I looked and sounded like Ozzy Osbourne. So I thought, hey let's see if I can find the right kind of people to form and Ozzy Osbourne Tribute Band. And so the search began.

Playing bass and vocals for band called Unleashed, is when I met Dean Slater. A killer lead guitar player, and ironically can play and looks like Randy Rhoads (only much older). We became good friends (and drinking buddies). Dean and I had our differences after Unleashed broke up. But we put aside our differences because that's what friends do.

They forgive each other. And if we wanted this to work we had to stay together. Now I had a guitar player that looked and sounds like Randy Rhoads. And I looked and sounded like Ozzy Osbourne.

But I also played bass. And since Ozzy doesn't play the bass we had to find someone who loves Ozzy and can play the bass. After many auditions, we found a bass player that could do the job. But here's the funny part.

He's not a bass player; he's a lead guitar player. His name is Kyle Akers. Kyle was in his own band called Dead Man's Float. Writing originals this thrash guitarist accepted our offer to play bass. And the more he played bass the more he liked it.

Now Kyle became a very valuable member of the band. And here's why; Dean Slater played all the Randy Rhoads but putting together an Ozzy Tribute Band meant we had to play old and new Ozzy songs. That's when Kyle came in. He took over the lead guitar and played just like Zakk Wylde.

I said to myself "This if freaking great!" Dean Slater playing like Randy Rhoads and Kyle Akers kicking ass on bass. And then they switched guitars with Kyle Akers playing like Zakk Wylde and Dean Slater was kicking ass on bass. It was like it was meant to be. Now, came the really hard part. That's right, finding the right drummer! We auditioned ton of drummers. But none of them were right for the job.

Either they were arrogant or couldn't play. I was getting frustrated when Dean Slater suggested a drummer he knew of from when he played with the band Wicked Savyor. His name is Paul Guyon. I had my doubts about him at first. Not that he wasn't good enough; I just didn't think that he wasn't in to it.

But later on I found him to be the missing link. Playing all the chops from the likes of Tommy Aldridge, Mike Bordin, and Randy Castillio. Paul Guyon proved to me that we finally found the right drummer. The lightning crash of his cymbals, and the voodoo pounding of his drums was exactly what we were looking for.

Plus there was a bonus; He can sing and he had a PA, and recording studio. Not a very likely combination. So we went straight to work. Picking key songs from the Ozzy Catalog, and the hours and hours of practicing (and drinking!). Two years later, Crazy Train, the Ozzy Osbourne Tribute Band was more than ready.

We played a few private parties and open mic nights and local venues and found that everybody loved us. Dean Slater, Kyle Akers, Paul Guyon, and Eddie Janes had the perfect chemistry. There was no way we could get it any better. We are probably the most realistic Ozzy Osbourne Tribute Band there is. And I say that with confidence.

Paul D. Guyon Crazy Train Ozzy Osbourne

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